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Flowbird is a simple service that allows motorists to pay for parking using their mobile device or computer.

The enforcement personnel who are patrolling use hand held mobile devices, which look up current records of valid parking payment transactions for vehicles. There is no need to print a receipt as evidence of payment. However, you can still print a summary of your tickets via the website

Yes you can use your account to pay for parking with Flowbird from anywhere. Your Flowbird account can be used in all the locations that use the service. Visit the locations where the service is available.

Purchase and Payment

Yes your payments made from your Flowbird account are highly secure. The Flowbird payment system is certified to Payment Card Industry standards.

Registration to the Flowbird service is free.
Just create your account on or via the Google playstore (Android) or Apple IOS (iPhone) applications.
Register the license plate number of the vehicle you are to park.
During your first Flowbird transaction, you will enter your debit/credit card information, which is stored securely so you never have to enter it again. When you select and purchase a parking transaction with Flowbird, you pay the standard parking fee charged by the parking operator (private operator, local authority, University, Hospital etc) within the location you are parking, plus an additional convenience fee for use of the Flowbird service to purchase your parking session. You will be notified of the total parking transaction fee prior to you confirming your payment and the start of your paid parking session.

Account Management

When you register, you need to supply the license plate number of the vehicle that you are going to be parking. At a later stage, you can add/register other vehicles to your account via the My Account page, or when you perform your next parking transaction.

Yes, you can access the interface for modifying your personal data from the My Account page of the Flowbird website

Current transactions are not listed in the history section, but on the current transactions page. Your most recent transaction will be displayed in the history of transactions after expiry.

If you have opted for the sending of reminder text messages in your Flowbird account, they will be applied automatically when your parking transaction is made. To prevent the sending of reminder text messages, you must modify your choice of options in your device settings.
I am unable to create an account.
When registering for an account, please ensure that all required fields are correctly entered. If this does not resolve the issues, then please contact our customer support team by completing and submitting this form.

If there is no error with the telephone number or email address you enter, this means information is likely already registered to another existing account.
If you have already created an account with the same information, you must either modify or delete your information or details.
If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our customer support team by completing and submitting this form.

Yes, you can delete your account and details. Please contact our customer support team by completing and submitting this form.
My account is blocked after 3 attempts of incorrect PIN/password entry
After 3 unsuccessful incorrect attempts, your account will be blocked. Your PIN/password can be reset via the "forgot PIN code or password" option

Yes! the Flowbird application can be downloaded from diffrent versions of Apple (IOS) Store and Google (Android) Playstore. The service is currently available in diffrent countries. If you smartphone is not connected to these stores, you will not be able to view the application

Use of the service

Unfortunately your parking transaction cannot be cancelled or changed at this stage. You must perform and make payment for a further valid parking transaction with the correct location code. You will otherwise receive a parking or penalty charge notice.
I have received a parking or penalty charge notice (PCN).
Flowbird is not responsible for you receiving parking or penalty charge notices (PCN).
Always please check that your parking transaction has been confirmed and/or that it is in the transaction history of your Whoosh account. You must check that all details and information (license plate and location code) supplied by you for a parking session are valid. If you receive a PCN and you believe that your parking session was correctly confirmed. You are entitled to appeal to the parking operator directly for the location you are parked at. You must retain evidence/details of any valid parking payment being performed for your parking session.

If you have selected the email notification option, you will receive an email confirming your parking transaction. If you have not selected email notification, you can confirm by verifying your paid parking session within current transactions. You cannot consider your parking session transaction to be valid until you can verify. Once your parking period has expired, your parking payment transaction will appear in your transaction history.

If you have selected your option to receive an SMS message to notify you of parking session expiry, you will receive an SMS message informing you ahead of the expiry time/date.

Yes, on your Account/History page, you can select and export your history of paid parking session transactions.

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